Procedure for grant of membership in service ‘A’, Service ‘B’, General and Tenure Member’s categories to be followed at Panchkula Golf Club.


1.       An applicant for membership of Panchkula Golf Club will have to go through four stages/steps to become permanent member of the club. These steps would be - PGC applicant - Registered member- Mid-week member and Permanent member. Eligibility criteria, charges and facilities for each category of membership have been explained below.

2.       The pending applications for membership at present and the tenure members willing to apply for permanent membership shall be placed in the registered members category to start with and thereafter the complete procedure as approved would be followed.

3.       The procedure followed for corporate members, NRI members, Honorary members, life members and student members will continue as hither-to-fore.     

4.   Application form may be downloaded from the   existing website of Panchkula Golf Club without any payment. The form duly filled along-with the documents mentioned in the check list may be submitted to club office.

5.       The detailed proposed procedure to be followed for grant of membership in the categories of Service ‘A’ i.e. Haryana Govt. Officers& State PSU’s including retired officers (only gazetted officers and equivalent), Service ‘B’ i.e. Other officers including defence services & central govt. officers & central PSU’s including retired officers (only class – I, Officers), General category, Tenure members and Associated Dependent members is given as under: -










I) Type of Member        -        PGC Applicant

i) Eligibility

       a) An applicant should be resident of tri-city/residence located within the radius of 25

           kms of Panchkula Golf Club.

       b) Age Limit – Minimum 18 years (other than student’s category).

       c) He/she should not have been convicted by the court of law for an offence

           involving moral turpitude.

       d) He/she should not have been declared to be undercharged insolvent.

       e) Minimum Golf Handicap should be 24 and 30 for gentlemen and ladies respectively.


ii) Charges


       a) Processing fee of Rs. 9440/- at the time of submission of  application  form.


iii) Seniority                                                      

       Seniority of an applicant shall be fixed as per the date of qualifying the handicap       t      test and accordingly an applicant number shall be allotted for future correspondence.

  iv) Facilities to PGC Applicant


       a) May use catering services in Gazebo on cash/coupons on the day of play.

       b) Guest not allowed.


  v) Ceiling


         No limit.

II) Type of Member       -        Registered Member

 i) Eligibility

       a) He/she should be a PGC applicant for a minimum period of three months.


       b) He/she should have 30 score cards as proof of playing a  round of 18 holes in the

           course along-with green fee receipts pertaining to the period he/she had

           remained PGC applicant but for period not later than one year from the date

           he/she became PGC applicant.

       c) A senior citizen of more than 65 years age may produce the score card of

            playing 9 holes.

       d) Minimum Golf handicap should be 22 and 30 for gentlemen and ladies,


       e) PGC applicants found defaulters in the payment of club dues shall not be

              upgraded to the category of registered member.


  ii) Charges

a) Entrance fee - 30% of the entitled category.

                     b) Full Security deposit as applicable.

                     c) Green fee: -

                             i)        Weekdays - To be charged 60% of the existing green fee.

                             ii)       Weekends/Holidays – No rebate.

  iii) Facilities to Registered Member

a) Allowed to play only on weekdays at non prime time.

b) May use catering & bar services in club house & gazebo on the day of play.

                     c) Guest not allowed.

                     d) Facilities of health club, gym & swimming pool not allowed.

  iv) Ceiling



III) Type of Member      -        Mid Week Member

 i) Eligibility

                    a) He/she should be a registered member for a period of   

                        at-least 3 months.

                    b) He/she should have 30 score card as proof of playing a  round of 18 holes

                        in the course along-with green fee receipts.During the period he/she

                        should have remained registered member but for period not later than one

                        year after attaining the status of registered member.

                    c) Minimum golf handicap should be 20 and 28 for gentlemen and ladies,


d) Registered member found defaulters in the payment of club       dues shall  

    not be upgraded to the category of mid week member


ii) Charges

a)    Entrance fee – 50% in the applicable category, thus making it to 80% of the total entrance fee.

b)  Monthly subscription – Rs. 1000/- pm.


           iii) Facilities to Mid Week Member

a) Allowed to play only on week days without paying any     green fee.

b) Allowed to use all existing facilities in the club house as per terms & conditions applicable for permanent members.

c) He may be allowed to bring two guests as per applicable  guest   charges.

                     d) Dependents are also allowed to avail facilities of course and club on payment of additional charges as applicable.

e) Mid- week members are not allowed to avail reciprocal facilities with other clubs.


           iv) Ceiling




IV) Type of Member      -        Permanent Member

          i) Eligibility

a) He/she should have been a mid-week member for a period of at-least        

    3 months.

b) He/she should have 30 score cards as proof of playing a             round of 18

    holes in the course, for the period he/she had remained mid week member

    but for the period not later than one year after becoming a mid week


                    c) Minimum handicap should be 18 and 26 for gentlemen and    

                         ladies, respectively.

d) Mid-week members found defaulters in the payment of their club dues

    shall not be up-graded to the category of Permanent   Member.

ii) Charges

a) 20% balance of entrance fee as applicable for the category to which the

    member belongs.

b) Monthly subscription Rs. 800/- as amended from time to  time.


iii) Facilities to Permanent Member

a) All facilities available in the course and club.

                    b) 20%  rebate  facility  to  the senior  citizens  of  more  than  65  years  of       

                        age   and waiving off full monthly subscription in respect of members more

                        than      75    years  of  age shall only be applicable to those who have been  

                        permanent members of the club for last two years and five years



            iv) Ceiling



 V) Type of Member       -        Tenure Member

          i) Eligibility

                     a) Officers equivalent in seniority and status of Js GOI and  above and

                         posted at Panchkula or Chandigarh on transfer basis.


b) Officers (as per category A & B) on transfer/deputation at Panchkula  or   

    Chandigarh     and      considered useful by Chief Secretary-cum-

    President/Senior Vice      President/Vice President Panchkula Golf Club

    to Govt. of   Haryana / Panchkula Golf Club may also be inducted as   

    tenure members of the club.


c)  Minimum golf handicap for gentlemen and ladies 24 and 30,respectively.


ii) Charges

a)   Charges :-

                              i) Entrance fee    - Rs. 20000/-

                              ii) Security           - Rs.  5000/-

                             iii) Monthly sub.  - Rs.    400/-

b) The following charges shall be applicable if a Tenure Member applies for

     permanent membership of the club:-

                              i) Processing fee  -  Rs. 9440/-

                              ii) Entrance fee    -  As applicable after adjusting the fee already paid to

                                                             become a tenure member.

           iii) Facilities to Tenure Member

                     Can avail all facilities available in course & club.


iv) Ceiling


           v) Tenure

                     Tenure membership can be extended upto  one year after  retirement.


VI) Type of Member - 

           Associate Dependent Members ( Ward of permanent members of golf club)

The wards of Panchkula Golf Club members, on attaining the age of 18 years and prior to 21 years of age are entitled to apply for the new category called “Associate Dependent Members” as per the procedure mentioned below :-

1.         Procedure

a)         These members may be inducted in the category of Mid-Week members for seniority purposes and shall follow the laid down procedure as applicable to other members in this category. They will be charged: -

   i)       Processing fee                   -  Rs. 9440

   ii)      Entrance fee                        - Rs. 15,000/-

   iii)     Monthly subscription -           Rs.      500/-

b)         The Associate Dependent membership shall be applicable till the age of 28 years, thereafter they will have to apply in the category as per the profession/service/business they join.  The entry fee paid by the wards shall be adjusted in their respective categories after 28 years of age.

2.         Facilities

a)         They may be allowed to play in the course during week days only.

            b)         All other facilities as applicable to mid-week members shall be applicable.

c)         50% rebate in practice range.