Panchkula Golf Club

Instructions for the Applicants



1.    The new  policy  &  procedure for  grant of  membership of  Panchkula  Golf  

        Club  has been formulated to ease out  the waiting  period  and also to grant  

        the   membership   under   various   progressive   stages.  Each   stage  i.e.

        Registered members, Mid-week members provides certain facilities to  the 

        potential permanent members. The payment schedule by the members has

        also been  taken  care of  which  would  be  payable during  various  stages  

        of membership.


2.     The important  points  to be  borne in  mind by the applicants while filling the

         application form are given as under :-


a)   Application form along with membership procedure, bye-laws of the club and other information may be  downloaded from the club website i.e ( or same may be obtained from the Reception centre of the club on payment of Rs. 50/- )


b)  Bank draft for Rs. 5175/- (non refundable) towards processing fee drawn in favour of Panchkula Golf Club payable at Panchkula, should be attached with the application form.

c)  The following documents must be enclosed with application form :-

                i)      Two photographs each - Self - Spouse -Dependent children upto                        age of 21 years.

                    ii)  Residence proof of Panchkula/Chandigarh/Mohali. 

               iii)  Golf Handicap Certificate (24 or less, if available).

               iv)  Employment Certificate (in case of Government Officers)/copy- PPO.

                v ) Date of birth certifcate of Dependent Children (upto  21 years age)    

                vi) Copy of PAN no.


          d)  For upgradation from Applicant to Registered member and Registered                member to Midweek member a candidate has to play atleast 30 times                in the course on payment of existing Green fee. Reciprocal slips from                other clubs shall not be applicable.         

          e) At  initial stage an  application form may be accepted without handicap               certificate,   however,  a  candidate   shall  be  required  to qualify Golf               Ability Test (GAT)of 24 handicap and should deposit 30 green fee slips                alongwith score cards for upgradation to registered members category.


f)   The seniority of each applicant shall be effective w.e.f. the date he/she   

      completes all conditions of application form i.e qualifying the GAT and  

      submission of 30 green fee receipts along with other documents    

      between a period of three months to one year.


g)   Application form duly filled must be deposited with the supervisor, 

      Panchkula Golf Club from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm or despatched by 

      Registered post on the following address :-


                                         Panchkula Golf Club

                                         Sector 3, Panchkula

                                         Haryana.  PIN  - 134109                          

            Phone no. 0172 - 2587594